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About Us

Our Project Mission

Au Pair Network is working to protect, support and empower au pairs in Denmark. We do this through providing information on the rules and regulations of the au pair scheme, offering legal advice, assistance and counselling to au pairs in need and organizing educational and social events to help au pairs get the most out of their stay.

Au Pair Network is a collaborative project between the three organisations KIT (Churches' Integration Ministry), Caritas and FOA. Our services are available to all au pairs in Denmark from the moment the au pair contact is signed until the au pair stay ends. We serve all au pairs regardless of nationality, gender and religious observance, and all our services, events and informational materials are provided free of charge.

In addition to our focus on helping individual au pairs in need, Au Pair Network works to improve living and working conditions for au pairs as a group by advocating for au pair rights in the public sphere. We cooperate with other organisations, volunteers and actors serving the au pair community so that together, we can secure the best possible conditions for young people to get the fruitful, safe and enriching experience of Danish society.

Our Funding

Financially APN is supported by public funding. This funding is implemented by the Danish Ministry of Immigration and Integration, and Au Pair Network cooperates with the ministry in the running of the project regarding success criteria, activities and budget.

Our Partners


Caritas Denmark is the humanitarian organisation of the Catholic Church and part of the international network Caritas Internationalis, which is the second largest humanitarian network in the world.

For more information: www.caritas.dk


FOA is an acronym for ”Fag and Arbejde” which translates into ”Trade and Labour”.

Because of our long tradition of working for better conditions for people employed in domestic services, we in FOA has made ourselves part of the Au Pair Network.

For more information: www.foa.dk


KIT (Churches’ Integration Ministry) works with different projects. Au Pair Network is one of these, and KIT has several years of experience in this working area.

For more information: www.kit-danmark.dk

Au Pair Network Staff

Gabriela Cruz Færch
Project Manager
Jean Gocotano
Au Pair Counselor (FOA)
Mildred Borbon Osias
Au Pair Counselor (KIT)


Jakob Bang, FOA
Maria Krabbe Hammershøy, Caritas Danmark
Bent Christiansen, Kirkernes Integrations Tjeneste