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    1 week ago

    Au Pair Network

    Caritas Danmark new health initiative! 🏥🇩🇰

    Caritas Klinik, is a medical clinic that provides free basic health care for those who can’t/won’t use their house doctor 🥼🩺

    At Caritas Klinik, they have a flexible and spacious workplace, and they are happy to help you to navigate the health system in a practical way. The clinic is staffed by volunteer doctors, nurses and psycologists, who are there to help you along the way 👩🏼‍⚕️🧑🏻‍⚕️👨🏽‍⚕️

    Caritas Klinik in collaboration with Au Pair Network, invites all au pairs, who want a second opinion from their own family doctor, to drop in and get a free consultation. They are looking forward to meet you and help you ♥️

    The Caritas Klinik is for you if:
    1️⃣ You need a longer consultation time to get around your issue or questions ⏰
    2️⃣ You may have difficulty booking or attending doctor appointments, and therefore need to talk with a doctor without prior appointment 🗓
    3️⃣ You need an extra opinion to find answers to tests, book appointments with the health service or something else (digital or practical) 🖥

    If you have more questions, you are welcome to call them directly at 31 39 38 18 📱

    Otherwise you can also call us and we will guide you 🤗 ... See MoreSee Less

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    3 weeks ago

    Au Pair Network

    Have you heard the expression “warm chocolate for the soul”? ☕️

    As your start you adventure as an au pair in Denmark, you are going to experience and discover many amazing things 🌎🌍🇩🇰 your world will get bigger, friendly people with other perspectives, and beautiful sightseeing.
    But you will also miss your family, your food, your language, and everything that the new culture, you are living in, doesn’t have.

    This process is normal ☺️
    Everyone as bad-@$$ as you, who takes the risk to move to another country, and travel around the world will experience these challenges🧳✈️

    Normally we are mostly focussed in strengthen our known-based skills, like professional and technical 💪🏋️‍♀️📚
    These are really important, but we have to also train our “Human Skills” ❤️ ✨💡☮️
    These skills are the ones that we will use when encountering the kind of challenges you go through when moving to another country. Therefore we are offering the opportunity for au pairs to learn how to be even more bad-@$$! 💪💪💪 and learn these skills.

    Ungdommens Røde Kors has designed “Life Skills” course. This course has been conducted in different places in Denmark and it’s very popular among the youth 👦🏻🧒🏽👧🏿
    This course will equip you (among other things) to:

    - Handle daily challenges ✊🏻
    - Understand and see better yourself, and others🪞

    This course is a space where young people realised that they aren’t alone with their thoughts and worries 🧠🧐

    Au pair Network has concluded this course it will be very beneficial for au pairs, therefore is totally for free for any au pair in Denmark 🇩🇰

    Little curious? 🤨
    Come then to hear more about it, get equipped and meet some Red Cross representatives.

    You won’t regret it 😮

    Saturday 27. November 2021
    14:00 - 17:00

    Smallegade 47,
    2000 frederiksberg

    15 spots only, so hurry hurry 🆙
    Registrations to: gabriela@kit-danmark.dk
    Deadline for registration: 25 November 23:59

    We look forward to meet you 🤗🤗🤗 ... See MoreSee Less

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    4 weeks ago

    Au Pair Network


    Trust us, if you are an au pair in Denmark, these courses will equip you for your stay 🇩🇰🇩🇰🇩🇰

    Au Pair Network offers 3 courses in 2021-2022

    Integration in a cultural exchange can be a stressful procedure, preaching here from personal experience.
    As foreigner counsellors, who have been through the integration process in Denmark, we understand the different phases an au pair can go through since the day she arrives in Scandinavia.
    But we don’t want you to go through it alone and without tools, so we have coordinated this funny but professional course specially for au pairs. Come and get equipped 💪

    Not such an old concept, but few can clearly define it. Red Cross worked hard, and they will define it for us.
    Cultural shock can be cushioned by practicing resilience, and resilience tools may vary according the culture you are leaving in and the one you come from.
    APN in collaboration with Ungdommens Røde Kors is facilitating this course where the main focus are empowerment and resilience in the everyday day, aka Life Skill 🙌🏻

    3️⃣ FIRST AID
    Whether your plan is to continue “Le tour de Au Pair” around Europe, or going back to your home country, this First Aid course will decorate your CV as a charm.
    APN in collaboration with Hjertevagt is facilitating this course where you will learn, how you can be fast but effective in case of an emergency. Very exciting! 🤯

    Btw, do you have suggestions of posible courses? We are looking for more options for next year and your opinion will only improve our search. Send us a message or write in the comments which kind of skills you will like to learn. It can be any type! ... See MoreSee Less

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    1 month ago

    Au Pair Network

    5 SPOTS LEFT!🖐
    1 DEADLINE: 17. OCTOBER 2021 ☝️
    There is still time to register! So hurry hurry! 😍
    We look forward to meet you! 🤗
    ... See MoreSee Less

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